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Posted: 08-08-2011
INTERNATIONAL. Kraft's recent announcement to split its operations into two publicly traded companies outlines a plan to create two different trading entities with distinct priorities and strengths. This is intended to help the company achieve the next stage of its ongoing restructuring process, since its acquisition of Cadbury in January 2010. Kraft is now bundling and spinning off its US Beverages, Cheese, Convenient Meals and Grocery segments, the non-snack categories in Canada and its foodservice operations, which are worth an estimated US$16 billion in sales in total. The larger of t
Posted: March 1, 2015
UAE. "In the next five years, the UAE will see more sophisticated and segmented offerings to adapt to different customers' needs and maximise sales in each. This approach will range from luxury brands to mid-range and low-end value retail alike."
Posted: February 28, 2015
UAE.Three day open to the public event has been specifically commissioned and curated to feature a compelling mix of local, regional and international designers, artists, musicians, concept retailers and unique dining experiences.
Posted: February 21, 2015
UAE. Ten foreign workers have died in a fire that hit a tyre shop in Abu Dhabi, apparently trapping the labourers in a warehouse used illegally for accommodation, according to media reports.
Posted: February 20, 2015
UAE. New global PayPal study reveals 57% of UAE online shoppers surveyed have bought via a Smartphone in the past 12 months; UAE Smartphone users opt for app purchases over mobile browsers for online shopping; 61% of UAE smartphone shoppers are aged between 30 and 49.
Posted: February 5, 2015
UAE. Saudi has the highest market penetration which indicates that market opportunity now lies in the trading up of goods; Increased optimism among the lowest earners in society; India tops the ranking.
Posted: February 4, 2015
UAE. Registering for presents online is a welcome practice, a survey conducted by reveals.
Posted: February 3, 2015
Alain Bejjani, former Chief Corporate Development and Brand Officer, is appointed as new Chief Executive Officer of Majid Al Futtaim - Holding, with immediate effect.
Posted: January 28, 2015
UAE. opportunity for Gulf retailers with shoppers more willing to share personal information in exchange for rewards; 67% willing to share their data, second only to India.
Posted: January 28, 2015
UAE. Investment expands brand's footprint in the GCC and consolidates current presence of 300 outlets across the region.
Posted: January 28, 2015
UAE. The Gulf based gourmet food company and owner of the iconic gourmet date confectionery boutiques and premium cafes, has announced a new partnership with the Asian private equity fund sponsored by LVMH.
Posted: January 27, 2015
UAE. Deloitte's 18th annual Global Powers of Retailing report explores innovative trends in the sector; US$4.4 trillion in fiscal year 2013 revenues of top 250 global retailers.
Posted: January 27, 2015
UAE. Average sales growth of 25-30% recorded at participating outlets; DSF to contribute to the drastic push in the gold sector.
Posted: January 27, 2015
UAE. Overall group revenue up11% year-on-year to AED 25 billion; EBITDA up 10% year-on-year to AED 3.6 billion
Posted: January 27, 2015
UAE. Alpen Capital study forecasts promising growth for retail sector across GCC; retail structure undergoing significant transformation, driven by the social and economic developments; the outlook for Qatar is most optimistic.
Posted: January 25, 2015
UAE. Russian shoppers caught in a currency crunch are staying away from the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) this year, but visitors from elsewhere look set to make up the numbers at the annual retail bonanza.


date:Posted: March 5, 2015
UAE. Regional chemicals companies should capitalize on the opportunity to acquire international chemicals assets as a result of divestitures, says A. T. Kearney.
date:Posted: March 5, 2015
INTERNATIONAL. US companies remain optimistic, but worry about China's economic slowdown, pace of reform and perceptions of regulatory bias against international companies.
date:Posted: March 5, 2015
UAE. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait all ranked in the top 10, with the three nations performing especially well on the basis of their propensity to spend on imported luxury goods and healthy appetite for premium travel.
UAE. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait all ranked in the top 10, with the three nations performing especially well on the basis of their propensity to spend on imported luxury goods and healthy appetite for premium travel.