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Posted: 25-02-2008
INTERNATIONAL. In its latest monthly Global Focus, Standard Chartered predicts there will be no sharp upturn in the current US recession and it will have a global impact. The rest of world may be better insulated, but not decoupled, and as risk aversion mounts, countries with current account deficits will see their currencies under pressure.The big story that is set to continue to unfold over coming months, and indeed years, is how the balance of global economic and financial power is shifting, from West to East. But three issues currently stand out. First, how severe will be th
Posted: March 9, 2018
UAE. Governments and carmakers require sound strategies to overcome the recycling and natural resource constraints of producing batteries for electric cars and managing their full CO2 lifecycle footprints, according to a report produced by A.T. Kearney Energy Transition Institute.
Posted: March 8, 2018
INTERNATIONAL. Industry disruption is already a daily reality; The study shows that, rather than being a random event beyond business leaders' control, disruption has a pattern that can be identified, understood and prepared for.
Posted: March 8, 2018
SAUDI ARABIA. Firms reduced selling prices at a unprecedented rate in an attempt to stimulate client demand. Despite muted overall growth, sentiment towards future growth prospects reached a 46-month high.
Posted: March 7, 2018
UAE. Combining the merits of Cisco's IoT platform, Cisco Kinetic for Cities, with the Teradata Analytics Platform, the solution will help cities become smarter, more connected and move from data to insight to business strategy.
Posted: March 7, 2018
UAE. The sector's slowdown was largely reflective of a marked easing in output growth, alongside softer job creation; Demand conditions remained strong, as indicated by steep new order growth and the third consecutive month of rising new export business.
Posted: March 7, 2018
UAE. Collaboration with Mums@Work will provide 18 Returnship roles to women with professional work experience resuming work after a career break.
Posted: March 6, 2018
UAE. The new thinking of Automated Detection & Response (ADR) enables new metrics that drive results, that impact not only security posture, but also the bottom line of the business.
Posted: March 5, 2018
SAUDI ARABIA. New Center supports the Kingdom's Digital Transformation Initiative; Hundreds of high-tech, highly skilled jobs and training opportunities to be created.
Posted: March 4, 2018
UAE. Q4 2017 witnessed eight IPOs in the GCC compared to five in Q3 2017; Total number of GCC IPOs increased significantly in 2017 with 28 offerings, compared to four in 2016; Q4 2017 was a strong quarter for debt issuers in the GCC; US$12.5 billion worth of bonds issued in Q4 in Saudi Arabia.
Posted: March 1, 2018
UAE. The study, by GL Education, also suggests that students in the Middle East and South East Asia tend to have slightly more negative attitudes towards school life than students in the UK where it conducted a similar analysis.
Posted: February 28, 2018
INTERNATIONAL. With a crisp university degree in one hand, millennials can now take on the world... but just how relevant are today's degrees in preparing the future workforce for the working world?
Posted: February 27, 2018
UAE. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is radically transforming the legal profession and the industry must fast learn to harness this technology or risk losing relevance, according to Lee McMahon, Co-Founder & Principal of Support Legal.
Posted: February 23, 2018
UAE. Offers cross-border property investments initially in Dubai, Mexico and Australia; Partners with Dubai-based Durise for cross-border sales of properties in Emirates.
Posted: February 22, 2018
UAE. Deloitte's report highlights the importance of greater private sector participation to improve the delivery of social services, including healthcare, education, transportation and utilities infrastructure.
Posted: February 22, 2018
UAE. Middle East Sovereign Wealth funds (SWF) increasing allocation to alternatives; Almost a quarter (23%) of their assets under management invested in private equity, real estate, gold and infrastructure.


date:Posted: March 20, 2018
UAE. 79% of regional CEOs confirm that consumer behaviour will be disruptive to their business over the next five years, compared to 68% globally; 81% are working to create transparency around their organisation's values, compared to 73% globally.
date:Posted: March 20, 2018
INTERNATIONAL. Public-sector employees embrace government use of AI at a higher rate than other citizens.
date:Posted: March 19, 2018
LONDON. Corporate board diversity will be key for companies' long-term success; EY announces global innovation garage to meet demand for disruptive technologies.