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Posted: 08-08-2011
INTERNATIONAL. Marc Faber the Swiss fund manager and Gloom Boom & Doom editor spoke today about the Standard & Poor's credit rating downgrade of US sovereign debt, and how the downgrade was long overdue as the 'junk bond' was no longer worth of an AAA rating. He views the downgrade as moderately positive for equities because it shows investors there is a risk in holding government bonds and discusses the conditions that will lead to QE3. Speaking in an interview from Chiang Mai, Thailand, with Susan Li on Bloomberg's "Asia Edge" this morning, Faber said a government b
Posted: October 7, 2018
UAE. MEED has shortlisted 80 companies and individuals to qualify for its prestigious MEED Awards programme; The UAE has 60 finalists competing for a stake in some US$640 billion worth of projects in the pipeline across the emirates.
Posted: October 6, 2018
UAE. Deloitte announces record revenue of US$43.2 billion; 11.3% increase marks ninth consecutive year of growth; New mindset for societal impact.
Posted: October 5, 2018
Aged systems and software, can bring irrelevance and technical debt and, at worst, increased security risks; The ill effects of technological age are front and centre.
Posted: October 4, 2018
UAE. As the IT perimeter continues to evolve, threats and risks become increasingly difficult for security teams to manage as they try to connect the dots between privileged accounts, vulnerabilities, exploits, and system breaches.
Posted: October 4, 2018
UAE. With a big move to multi-cloud, the next question is How can businesses ensure their apps and data are available across the new multi-cloud models they are adopting?
Posted: October 3, 2018
UAE. AED 112 billion (US$30.5 billion) of trapped liquidity across all three areas of working capital for Middle East listed companies.
Posted: October 2, 2018
UAE. People don't want to tell a company they're having a problem. They just want it fixed. And if problems do arise, customers increasingly expect the company to acknowledge their pain, and fast.
Posted: October 1, 2018
UAE. Research by HSBC has identified a country-sized, thriving and cosmopolitan population of almost 12 million people in the air every day; This country, Flyland, has a Gross Domestic Product valued at US$400.5 billion - just larger than that of Norway.
Posted: September 29, 2018
UAE. Young professionals, families both yield best long-term results from properties valued at AED1.5 million price point.
Posted: September 28, 2018
UAE. Consultancies break through digital transformation impasse, which is seeing the paradox of record-high IT spend, but 60% of organizations needing to transform their digital toolset to succeed.
Posted: September 26, 2018
UAE. Attracting strategic investors is key for the growth of the mid-segment companies in the Middle East as the lack of capital is often a barrier for them, notes Frost & Sullivan.
Posted: September 26, 2018
UAE. To ensure customer loyalty, logistics companies must adopt track-and-trace systems, efficient last-mile delivery methods, integrated technology and smarter delivery management systems.
Posted: September 25, 2018
UAE. McAfee researchers analyze cryptomining malware trend, Windows 10 Cortana vulnerabilities, blockchain attack vectors, mobile billing fraud apps, and the weaponization of vulnerability exploits; Cryptocurrency mining malware increase 86% in Q2 2018.
Posted: September 24, 2018
INTERNATIONAL. Digital Transformation Barometer finds better security needed to harness the positive potential of AI and mitigate risks of malicious attacks.
Posted: September 21, 2018
UAE. Analysts to explore AI developments and influence on businesses at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2019, March 4-6 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


date:Posted: October 19, 2018
UAE. Artificial Intelligence basically makes it possible for machines to learn from neuro experiences, adjust outputs and perform human-like tasks, it could be thought of as the simulation of human intelligence.
date:Posted: October 18, 2018
UAE. A study on the cost of residential real estate versus the GDP per capita in key city hubs globally reveals that Dubai offers one of the most attractive value propositions for investors.
date:Posted: October 17, 2018
UAE. GITEX - Day 3 highlights: AI is the next big opportunity for cities; Cognitive solutions that leverage AI algorithms to make decisions like a human brain; Saudi Accelerator Day gets underway at GITEX Future Stars; A stark warning to customer-focused industries in the tech age: evolve or die.