SABIC launches superior non-ionic surfactant along with showcase of market leading fluids at SEPAWA 2018
Source: Marketing Solutions for SABIC , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Fri October 12, 2018 12:05 pm

INTERNATIONAL. As a global leader in the chemical industry, SABIC will unveil its innovative non-ionic surfactant along with a complete showcase of its leading Fluids product portfolio at the 2018 SEPAWA Congress and European Detergents Conference from 10-12 October in Berlin, Germany.

As the latest addition to SABIC’s portfolio of products for home care, SABICOL™ LDB1 - an alkyl phenol-free non-ionic surfactant is a highly effective emulsifier, detergent and wetting agent with applications for homecare and textile applications.

SABICOL™ LDB1 has great performance in wetting and rheological properties compared to current alternative materials, as well as outstanding detergency performance at varying temperatures, thus answering the demand for laundry detergents to have excellent efficacy for difficult stain removal across different temperature settings.

“SABIC has long been at the vanguard of development of ground-breaking chemicals to support the production of the latest and most innovative domestic and personal care applications”, Eric Jaarda, Senior Manager, Fluids Marketing Global at SABIC Specialties. “Our latest advanced surfactant, SABICOL™ LDB1, along with our complete Fluids portfolio which are being highlighted at SEPAWA this year, are a testament to our capabilities and commitment in creating product ingredients which improve standards of living.”

SABIC develops high value, technologically advanced chemical derivatives for use in a wide range of applications. Employed as surfactants, detergents, emulsifiers, emollients and thickeners for consumer products ranging from cosmetic and personal care and home care, its Specialties Fluids business works closely with specifiers, formulators and customers to deliver the most innovative products and solutions enabling them to address the trends, needs and concerns of end consumers, as well as regional customs and practices.

SABIC fluids hold internationally recognised certification for Halal, Kosher and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

SABIC’s global reach is supported by its ability to deliver the added value dedicated, local teams with stocked inventory and flexible packaging options, can provide, thus ensuring speed and agility.

In addition to SABICOL™ LDB1, SABIC will also be showcasing the following:

• Natural Fatty Alcohol (C12-14) Ethoxylates (SABICOL™ L2/L3/L7/L9) - both low color and low odor, this is a range of versatile non-ionic surfactants. Supplied as liquids or as a paste, they are efficient water in oil emulsifiers and readily biodegradable.
• Synthetic Alcohol (Isodecyl and Isotridecyl Alcohol) Ethoxylates (SABICOL™ DA5/DA7/TA5/TA6/TA7/TA8/TA9) - a series of fast wetting, and low odor non-ionic surfactants.
• Castor Oil Ethoxylates (SABICOL™ EL30/40/55) - supplied in liquid form or as a paste, they are completely miscible in water and many organic solvents. Low-toxic and low-irritant, they are employed as emulsifiers in both domestic and industrial applications.
• Polyethyleneglycols (SAPEG™ 200/300/400/600) - consisting of a distribution of polymers of varying molecular weights, these are low color and low odor liquids. Low toxic and low-irritant, they are used as humectants, lubricants, solvents and viscosity modifiers in a range of applications.

SABIC’s SABICOL™ LDB1 can be viewed, along with the company’s other Fluids products, at SABIC’s booth E701-703 at SEPAWA at the Estrel Congress Centre, Berlin, Germany from October 10-12.



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