Global wearable technologies market forecast to 2025
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Posted: Sat September 9, 2017 1:31 pm

LONDON. /PRNewswire/ -- Wearable technology includes a host of technologies that are capable of being integrated into the 'Soldier System' and into a variety of other civilian systems and components in ways not previously possible. These technologies actively enhance safety, situational awareness (local and global), and operational performance.

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Over the coming decade, the wearable technologies market is expected to grow at a cumulative CAGR of nearly 40%, producing a cumulative global market of nearly $8 billion.

This report presents a summary and assessment of both the current commercial and military wearable technologies, the projected evolutionary paths over the next decade, and the implications of both technical and political influence on the global market for wearable technologies.

The trend toward disaggregation of computing and sensing technology is accelerating, enhanced by the shrinking size of components that provide the user with far superior capacity than similar components of greater size and power demand. With this physical separation and shrinking of components comes the opportunity to place wearable technology on and around a person in a fashion that is less intrusive and more conducive to extended periods of wear.

Additionally, as ever more users allow data to be uploaded to the cloud for anonymous aggregation and large-scale use-analysis, wearable systems can learn and modify factory-preset behavior to better support and enhance the end user experience.

This report looks at today's growing commercial and military wearable technology markets.
The early focus in this commercial market has been to develop distributed systems for wearable communications and health monitoring devices, while the military market has also focused on visual displays (head-up displays or HUDs) and on-body energy harvesting systems.

Who is This Report For?
If you have anything do with wearable technologies, this report is a must, particularly if you are one of the following:

-  Business Leaders and Business Developers
-  Display Manufacturers
-  Electrical Component Manufacturers
-  Software Developers
-  Medical and Health Insurance Professionals
-  Sports Professionals and Recreational Equipment Apparel Manufacturers
-  Government Policy Setters

Multiple Scenarios
To provide a truly comprehensive coverage and analysis, this report examines three different scenarios:

-  Scenario I: Geo-political and military driven need - Global military training, assistance and disaster relief missions
-  Scenario II: Geo-political and military driven need - Interstate Skirmish
-  Scenario III: Bottom-driven, Commercial Market Drived Solutions

Addressed Technologies
This report addresses the following technologies:

-  Head-up Displays (HUDs)
-  Embedded sensors
-  Advanced textiles
-  Embedded computing
-  Energy Harvesters
-  Exo-skeleton
-  Communications

Opportunity Alerts
The barriers to entry for small business and entrepreneurs are also relatively low as the cost of computation and electronic components have decreased dramatically over the last few decades.

Where a business opportunity or key takeaway exists related to specific material, we state that opportunity and highlight it with a prominent icon as pictured at right. Those alerts clearly point to one or more opportunities directly related to the section in which they appear.

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