#shakethedispenser by Orangina: The 1st can dispenser you need to shake
Source: Buzzman , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Wed December 21, 2016 1:37 pm

INTERNATIONAL.  Although shaking the bottle is part of Orangina’s DNA, consumers have a tendency to forget to shake their favorite beverage, especially when it’s in a can. The fact is, being that they can’t see the contents, they forget to mix the pulp. 

Don’t forget to shake it properly!
Whereas, shaking, shoving, or banging a dispenser that doesn’t deliver the can is a well-known practice!
A viral and In Real Life campaign to share this shaking innovation #shakethedispenser
Based on these insights, Orangina imagined a fun and viral street marketing operation, that you can now see on video.
At the beginning of December at La Defense and Lille Europe, passers-by were able to discover a surprising Orangina dispenser during 48 hours. With each coin, the can rolled forward then suddenly got stuck. Frustrated, the consumers soon understood that they needed to shake the dispenser to get their favorite beverage.

Like a punching ball, the machine, surprisingly mobile, was shaken, and shoved. When the machine considered that the pulp was sufficiently mixed, the can was freed, to a round of applause and the new brand signature “Shake the world”.
After launching the first metallic can in 1977, Orangina continues to surprise us with this latest invention: the first dispenser designed not to let the pulp stay at the bottom.
The experience can be seen online on the brand’s Social Media!
Some lucky ones had the chance to blow off steam on the same day before enjoying a well-mixed Orangina.
“We are proud to have imagined and developed this unique dispenser, with our agency Buzzman, that fits perfectly with our brand platform Shake the World! Consumers’ reactions are even better than what we hoped for! I’m sure that this dispenser will reinstall the ritual of the symbolic Orangina shake even with our cans” says Marthe Lachaize, Head of Orangina brand at orangina Sunstory France.
In 2017, Orangina will permit a large number of people to test this surprising experience. 

Click here to watch the film. 



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