Roland Berger rebranded: 'titanium B' with the "Roland Berger" lettering
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Posted: Wed September 9, 2015 10:44 am

UAE. The consulting firm Roland Berger has rebranded its business. A "titanium B" combined with the "Roland Berger" lettering constitutes the new logo of the leading international consultancy of European origin.

The new brand is an assertive demonstration of the company's successful evolution: Roland Berger has realigned its business and consistently broadened its portfolio beyond the scope of classic strategy consulting.

Today, the partnership provides high-value-adding services as an integral business advisor via a new combination of consulting, technology and capital. Initiatives like the company's new European digital platform Terra Numerata™ demonstrate its expertise in digitization, new technologies and new business models.

As the expression of its new corporate identity, Roland Berger is renewing its brand at a strategically significant juncture in the company's history - for the third time since the company was founded almost 50 years ago. 

"At Roland Berger, we are convinced that in today's disruptive times, our clients need game-changing and value-oriented advisors to succeed in their markets," said Charles-Edouard Bouée, Roland Berger's CEO.

"The rebranding of our business is evidence of how Roland Berger holds true to its vision and value proposition of being always one step ahead and creating value for our clients by offering game-changing insights."

The striking "titanium B" stands for excellence and strength. Titanium is a tough, high-grade metal used in numerous branches of industry (such as transportation or pharmaceuticals and healthcare) where it is alloyed with many other elements. As such, it also represents Roland Berger's agility, adaptability and resilience and the firm's strong motivation to work with clients and external partners across different industries and countries to develop solutions.

Besides the "titanium B" as the basic logo, the new "liquid B" can also be filled with colors, pictures or even videos to become a flexible symbol of the diverse business lines and areas of expertise the firm offers, providing a visual emphasis of the company's extended value proposition.

"We at Roland Berger have consistently pressed forward with the globalization of our business in recent years and extended our portfolio to offer far more than the services of a traditional strategy consultancy," commented Kushal Shah, Managing Director of Roland Berger Middle East. "Our value proposition meets the needs of our clients in an increasingly uncertain globalized world."

In the course of the company's strategic evolution, Roland Berger has already successfully launched new consulting services and projects in the market.

Groundbreaking ideas - The foundation for business success in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world

Globally operating companies as well as institutions and organizations of all kinds, and indeed entire countries, need to survive in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world (known as VUCA for short). Roland Berger has developed a management approach called "Light Footprint Management" that helps companies achieve success in this environment.

Drawing on American military doctrine, the three main aspects are: 1) fully exploiting all of the technological options open to a company, such as permanent business model renewal and smart data; 2) building an organization with the flexibility to react in various ways, e.g. by having a balance of centralization and decentralized entities; 3) changing the corporate culture and attitudes to enable the company to be both open (cooperating for instance in research) and secretive (holding proprietary patents, controlling data).

Roland Berger's Terra Numerata™, a European digital platform

The most important innovation in the VUCA world is the digital transformation that is changing if not revolutionizing the value chain in virtually all industries. Roland Berger is using the European digital ecosystem unveiled in December 2014 under the name of Terra Numerata™ as a way of facing up to this challenge.

The platform is the heart of a broadly conceived network of companies in Europethat is open to start-up entrepreneurs, investors, technology providers and digital players of all kinds. It brings together companies of different sizes and different industries and helps them work together and drive digital innovations based on new business models. In doing so, Terra Numerata™ fosters the digitization of Europe's economy.

Roland Berger is cooperating with global venture capital firm on the Terra Numerata™ platform, for instance. Another example is the new Digital Innovation Hub that Roland Berger and Visa Europe Collab are going to open in the heart of Berlin in late autumn 2015. Other projects are in the pipeline.

Executive communications 

Roland Berger has also launched a new business line: Executive Communications/Corporate Affairs. The demand for strategic communications has been growing for years as companies have found their stakeholder groups, both internal and external, becoming more critical and exhibiting a more participative mindset than they used to.

Within this new service offering, Roland Berger applies its expertise in the different branches of industry and its keen understanding of clients' business processes in combination with the knowledge of experienced communications experts.

The new business line operates mainly at the interface between management, publicity and politics, working for instance on strategic communications and public affairs mandates.

Roland Berger offers clients communications support in situations such as corporate realignment and restructuring projects, in communicating with the financial community in M&A scenarios or with policymakers and the public in the licensing phases of major infrastructure projects.

Entrepreneurial restructuring
 Roland Berger is the acknowledged market leader in restructuring advisory for SMEs as well as firms of all other magnitudes and boasts a team around 140 experts in Germany alone. Offering clients an approach based on entrepreneurial restructuring, the experts pool and combine industrial and functional know-how on a global scale, thus providing all of the experience a company needs to overcome crisis and set itself back on the right strategic road.

The recent acquisition of the complete team of German consultancy FMC Consultants GmbH has enabled Roland Berger to further expand its restructuring expertise, thus consolidating the firm's leading position.

Services around digitization and advanced manufacturing - Roland Berger partners with industry 

The digital transformation implies radical structural change for industry and offers immense opportunities - and risks, especially inEurope. In a joint study conducted with the Federation of German Industry, Roland Berger calculated that the total additional value that could be created by the digitization of industry could open up additional value creation potential of 425 billion euros for Germany alone in the period through 2025, while for Europe as a whole the figure is as high as 1.25 trillion euros.

However, if the process cannot be turned to Europe's advantage, European industry may lose as much as 605 billion euros in the same period. Merely optimizing existing business models is not enough - it's a matter of coming up with new and sustainable business models, which Roland Berger's Industrie 4.0 experts help enterprises worldwide to develop.

The manufacturing industry has to work on three areas: using digitization and Industrie 4.0 in their own production, in defining their products and in setting up new or adapted business models. Policymakers and business leaders will need to cooperate closely in order to set global standards. This is another area in which Roland Berger is applying its expertise.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, founded in 1967, is the only leading global consultancy of German heritage and European origin. With 2,400 employees working from 36 countries, we have successful operations in all major international markets. Our 50 offices are located in the key global business hubs. The consultancy is an independent partnership owned exclusively by 220 Partners.

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