Core beliefs influence leadership style, says change expert
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Posted: Wed March 14, 2012 11:36 am
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UAE. Self-discovery holds the key to the way leaders show up and influence teams, according to change management specialist, Wendy Appel.

Appel, a seasoned organisation consultant with a deep embrace of the Enneagram System believes  that it is time to change the way that team members work together, suggesting that everyone in the team needs to be ‘leader-filled’.

She said that for leaders to be in the right shape to steer this transformation, both individual and collective core beliefs must be examined.

“Failure to talk in before talking out results in surface change alone. This is not enough to reshape organizations and get them fit and ready for the new-world economy that looms,” she warned.

According to Appel, every leader can benefit from the Enneagram assessment of personality type to uncover leadership qualities in themselves, as well as in each team member.

“When integrated into the workplace, the Enneagram has proven to be a powerful and effective tool to help understand the beliefs, motivations and behaviours of ourselves and others.”

She explained that the nine-sided Enneagram symbol can be traced back to 750BC. During the 1960s and 70s, it was merged with modern personality theory to represent a spectrum of possible personality styles and archetypes.

“I have worked with the Enneagram in both a personal and professional context for more than two decades playing witness to its incredible ability to transform the way one can show up as a leader.”

She said that once the Enneagram Type is identified, we begin to uncover what is going on the inside providing the insight needed for guiding change-making, leader-filled teams.

Appel is poised to expand on the attributes of the Enneagram in a 10-session online workshop, Insight to Action.  She promises to reveal the twists in leadership direction, creativity and energy needed to transform organisations.
“Insight to Action is set to help shift leadership capacity and capability,” she said.

The series features expert co-hosts talking about strategies to break free of self-limiting patterns that can hinder leadership, among other topics. 

“Good business is built on a healthy relationship with yourself and strong relationships with others. I called this being ‘leader-filled’ and the Enneagram helps achieve this,” she concluded.

Appel has just published her first book, InsideOut Enneagram; A Game-changing Guide for Leaders. It will be available on Amazon from April.

About Wendy Appel

Wendy Appel is a cultural anthropologist, strategist, consultant, author and public speaker specialising in professional development, coaching and change leadership. She works alongside other senior executives as a thought partner, certified to deliver a variety of tools and programs in strategy development, MBTI, Enneagram, team development, change management, group and interpersonal dynamics, meeting design and facilitation.

Wendy began studying the Enneagram in 1994, and to-date remains the focus of her professional work, evident in her forthcoming book InsideOut Enneagram.

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