Jawraa partners with leading blockchain powered safety platform to provide innovative security solutions
Source: Market Buzz for Jawraa , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Fri November 9, 2018 1:43 pm

UAE. Jawraa, a preeminent provider of IT and communications services, has partnered with Vizsafe to offer advanced safety and security solutions to its customers in the GCC region using Vizsafe's Geoaware (TM)Services Platform.

Jawraa provides enterprise level IT solutions and consulting services in a wide range markets, including telecom, utilities, health care, public safety and government.
"The Vizsafe platform is a powerful addition to Jawraa's portfolio of security products and communications services. The addition of Vizsafe will enable Jawraa to continue to offer our customers the most innovative solutions available," said Yasser Alobaidan, CEO of Jawraa. "With Vizsafe, our customers can enhance situational awareness and improve incident response and resolution, while reducing risk across their entire organization."
Vizsafe has deployed the Geoaware Services Platform at some of the world's most valuable facilities, including municipalities, sports and entertainment venues, schools and universities. Vizsafe's platform crowdsources, maps and distributes visual data from smartphones and other sensor networks.

Security personnel, operations teams and first responders can easily and securely post, map and share incident reports from their phones with photos, videos and messages, providing real-time information that can improve response and reduce risk.

This proven solution links these reports with security camera feeds and other critical sensor data to deliver total domain awareness for its customers. With the addition of blockchain technology, customers can now engage and reward their citizens, visitors or guests for providing valuable contributions to safety, security and wellbeing.
Image caption: Petter Mottur, Vizsafe founder and CEO, signs agreement with Jawraa CEO, Yasser Alobaidan

About Jawraa
JAWRAA is a leader in digital transformation specializing in systems development, IT infrastructure, managed services and cloud management. Jawraa has a successful track record of managing and operating full IT contracts with many government and corporate agencies.

For more information please visit http://www.jawraa.com and receive a free consultative session to assess your digital transformation needs.

About Vizsafe
Vizsafe is the first blockchain powered crowdsourcing network that empowers any person to participate in the safety of the communities where they live, work, visit and play. Vizsafe has leveraged the Ethereum blockchain to enable everyone, everywhere to serve as a node on the Geoaware Safety Network and earn SPOT rewards in exchange for safety reports, providing the opportunity for doing well by doing good(TM).

To learn more, visit https://www.vizsafe.com/blockchain.



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