Forum for Strategic Studies and Research think tank launched in Jordan
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Posted: Tue September 4, 2018 6:19 pm

JORDAN. -- /PRNewswire/ -- The Forum for Strategic Studies and Research was launched recently, with its headquarters in Amman, Jordan, to meet the MENA region's urgent need for institutionalized research and strategic studies with a future goal of building platforms that drive decisions based on strategic thinking and planning.

The transformations underway in the MENA region bring many challenges, ones that require think tanks, expertise and strategic research groups to play an active role in providing political and economic decision makers, as well as researchers, with everything necessary to help shape and build future scenarios to deal with these challenges, their consequences and their implications.

The Forum for Strategic Studies and Research will focus on global and regional trends, following-up on and evaluating their connections and impacts, and further understanding these geopolitical transformations. In addition, the Forum will focus on specialized economic studies and assessing and evaluating potential investment opportunities. The Forum will also present a series of studies related to the development aspect in Arab societies by attracting pioneering talent in this field.

As part of the Forum's yearly evaluation of the current environment, regional and international developments, an annual conference will be organized for thought leaders and decision makers, both in politics and in the economy, to present challenges, share knowledge, and foster an objective dialogue on current topics in order to set a roadmap for solving a diverse range of challenges.

Within this same field, the research team at the Forum is preparing a future outlook report for 2019 which will cover a range of political and economic issues such as the future of Chinese, Russian and American influence globally, the relationship between the European Union and the United States, as well as the situation in Iran, its neighbors and the world. In addition, the report will cover the Arab-Israeli conflict. The report will also cover global and Arab economic trends, all of which will be discussed at the annual conference.

In order to support the scientific research movement in the Arab region, the Forum will establish in the future, partnerships with international, regional and Arab research centers and universities to share knowledge and experience and to benefit from relevant analyses and studies.

The Forum aims at refilling Arabic libraries with a collection of books and studies that relate to the region's political and economic reality and future. The aim of the Forum is to facilitate an openness to different cultures by translating Arabic studies to different languages and the translation of content from research centers and universities from other languages to Arabic.

Mr. Hasan Ismaik, who heads the Forum said, "The role that research and strategic studies centers play in the region is an important, impactful and sensitive one - Governments and economic institutions driving markets should not consider these centers as a luxury, but more of a necessity on par with universities, schools and educational institutions."

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About The Forum for Strategic Studies and Research: 
The Forum for Strategic Studies and Research is an independent, non-profit research platform established in the Jordanian capital Amman in 2018. The Forum is specialized in the field of strategic studies and research, geopolitical and economic risk management, assessment and strategies for dealing with such risks in accordance with the latest international practices. The Forum appoints diverse global and regional experiences in the field of studies and research.



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