Aurecon strengthens Gauteng Built Environment team with new Unit leader
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Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 11:48 am

INTERNATIONAL. Recognising the increasing pressure on the built environment from growing populations and development in African countries, global engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon has appointed Kolosa Madikizela as its Unit Leader for the Built Environment in Gauteng.

Madikizela has built her 14-year career in the construction, property development and engineering sectors at organisations such as Bigen Africa, Aveng Group, and Nexus Facilities Management Company, as well as Life Healthcare and Shell South Africa in facilities management. Her most recent role was as the Managing Director at Pragma, an engineering organisation specialising in physical asset management.

“African skylines are going through a period of unprecedented change. Growing populations and digital disruptions are changing how people live, work and play, and I look forward to pursuing ways to grow the Built Environment Unit and take on more work in Africa,” says Madikizela.

Ferdi Nell, Aurecon Managing Director Africa, says that the company’s built environment capabilities are fundamental to the successful execution of its business strategy and Madikizela’s appointment is key to achieving the company’s business goals.

“I am delighted to welcome Kolosa Madikizela to lead our Built Environment Unit. She will play a key role in bringing together the right people to make sure that we deliver world-class buildings to our clients, as well as use innovation and emerging technologies that will create future-ready African environments,” says Nell.

Aurecon is working on some of the most significant buildings across the property, health, education, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in Africa. These include some of the largest and greenest commercial office buildings in South Africa, such as Aurecon’s Tshwane office at the Lynnwood Bridge Office Park, “The Towers” in Cape Town, and Atrium on 5th in Johannesburg.

Madikizela describes her leadership style as coaching and guiding. “Leaders within a business need to give their team members space to shine as well as to learn from their mistakes. As leaders, we need to start becoming more comfortable with showing vulnerability and not be afraid of leading with love because vulnerability is one of the character traits that builds trust. I’m not afraid to say I don’t know the answer to something because it is not always the leaders that have all the answers. Many of the greatest innovations have come from collaboration between employees and staff members who aren’t necessarily in the C-suite. One of my goals is to foster greater mentorship opportunities for our people,” she says.

One of her favourite TV shows is MasterChef Australia because it isn’t simply a cooking show; it can also teach you a lot about business and strategy.

“If you have watched MasterChef Australia then you will know that it’s not always the most talented home cook that wins; it’s the person who can be nimble, flexible and innovative. The people who can stay calm under pressure and take advice from the judges are the ones who excel and win. This is particularly relevant to the engineering consultancy sector. We need be able to adapt and to innovate while still staying true to who we are and our core business foundation,” says Madikizela.

She serves as an industry expert on the advisory board for the Built Environment at the University of Cape Town’s department of Construction Economics and Management. Previously, Madikizela was an external supervisor to Masters students in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and a Guest Lecturer at the Department of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying. She served on the industry advisory boards for Industrial Engineering at CPUT and Stellenbosch University.

Madikizela has contributed many articles to the African Facilities Management online website (AFM online) and she is a freelance talk show host at Cape Talk radio station where she covers a wide range of topics from engineering innovation, gender equality and transformation to lifestyle, property development and politics.

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