Luxury Goods & Duty Free

Posted: 07-08-2011
INTERNATIONAL. It’s a tiny circle known for exclusivity, but its global reach into emerging markets means the luxury business needs online networking. When you think of luxury, you think of small, elite, exclusive. When you think of the internet you think exactly the opposite, and marrying the two has historically enjoyed little success. Yet a company called The Luxury Society evolved into a flourishing business by exploring where a mass media platform could successfully meld with a niche luxury network. According to Pierre-Yves Poulain, co-founder with four others of the website that i
Posted: April 14, 2014
UAE. Additional performance and efficiency without compromise to luxury; First application of hybrid power available in 2017 in the Bentley SUV.
Posted: April 10, 2014
UAE New boutique in terminal 3 has been artistically designed across 2,726 square foot retail space similar to a luxury high street store, offering passengers a unique experience and exclusive products.
Posted: April 2, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. Forward-looking travel bags for progressive driving made from carbon fibre.
Posted: March 21, 2014
UAE. "It will create a completely new segment in the SUV market," says Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Chairman and Chief Executive at Bentley Motors.
Posted: March 19, 2014
UAE. Arabian Travel Market launch luxury theme to 2014 line-up as GCC travellers and global HNWIs seek out new high-end experiences.
Posted: March 13, 2014
UAE. Clifford Chance advises Mannai on its acquisition of a further 19% stake in Damas from a fund managed by EFG-Hermes for US$150 million.
Posted: March 11, 2014
UAE. According to analysis by Euromonitor, consumers in Saudi Arabia are expected to spend as much as US$68.20 per capita on premium cosmetics in 2017 as compared to US$49.20 in 2012.
Posted: March 6, 2014
UAE. The passage of the draft Law through the FNC (which is an elected form of Parliamentary advisory body) is a key stage in the legislative process and it brings the draft Law one step closer to being enacted.
Posted: March 5, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. Integrated in the instrument panel of the new XchangE from Rinspeed, the exclusive Patravi TravelTec automatic from Carl F. Bucherer is a striking statement of the meaning of time for travelers.
Posted: March 3, 2014
UAE. The vibrancy of the market, however, has given light to a more cautious spending consumer, who shows high preference for well-known brands and logos; Dubai remains the biggest market in the region with almost 30% of the total market share; Rise of "7 New Faces of Global Luxury Consumer".
Posted: February 21, 2014
UAE. Isn't it time to brush aside that 'dirty business'-reputation? Who is 100 percent perfect? Is 99.8 percent not good enough? After all, there are hardly any conflict diamonds these days.
Posted: February 21, 2014
QATAR. Latest Bentley revealed in the region at Qatar Motor Show; Will officially go on sale across the region in April 2014; Flagship Mulsanne and Flying Spur also present at Show.
Posted: February 19, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. Giles Deacon's latest presentation at London Fashion Week includes two new designs made of cutting-edge, futuristic fabrics which intend to dispel the myth that washable clothes and fashionable designs are mutually exclusive.
Posted: February 18, 2014
UAE. Nearly half of Middle East's UHNWIs likely to own a superyacht with "propensity to buy" at 48%, says Superyacht Builders Association.
Posted: February 12, 2014
UAE. Abu Dhabi Duty Free has launched a commercial process to attract global bidders to move into the new Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) due to open in July 2017.


date:Posted: April 16, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. The WGC pointed out that the Chinese bank savings amount to US$7.5 trillion but only about US$300 billionn is allocated to gold, signifying the potential for gold demand to grow as Chinese wealth climbs.
date:Posted: April 16, 2014
UAE. "A similar drop to 2013 is unlikely. Those who wanted to get out of gold did, and the rest of 2014 will probably be a year of sideways trading."
date:Posted: April 16, 2014
UAE. Apartments sector witnessed increase of 29% whilst villa rentals have grown by 15% year on year; Over the next four years roughly 65,000 new residential units penned for completion.
INTERNATIONAL. It's now up to the new government to get real shale development in motion, and for Turkey to face up to its own strategic realities and join forces with Ukraine to harness LNG potential.