Centra Hub launches CRM Express to facilitate digital transformation for businesses
Source: OAK Consulting for Centra Hub , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Mon November 19, 2018 1:16 pm

UAE. Centra Hub today announced the launch of CRM Express, a robust and well-implemented CRM system that will enable organizations on their digital transformation journey.

The solution is intended to streamline the sales management processes of businesses from ‘enquiry to cash’ with automated campaign management, opportunity management and follow-ups with pre-defined quotation structures and proposal templates.

Centra Hub’s new CRM Express is a digital transformation CRM system that will provide robust campaign management and tracking to allow for campaign creation, tracking campaign budgets and actual spends, define campaign targets of lead count, opportunity count and revenue targets.

Each lead or opportunity created within the CRM Express will then be tagged to the corresponding campaign providing a detailed visibility towards campaign success. The system will also provide proactive alerts on targets, achievement, deviations and also govern campaign execution tasks through proactive activity controls.

“According to most research and studies related to sales, opportunities are converted into sales wins with a minimum of six timely follow up interactions. Research also shows most sales personnel drop their active follow up mechanisms after three reach-outs to prospects. Consequently, a significant portion of the pipeline that sales teams are chasing results in a no-sale scenario. To add to it, adhering to deadlines and keeping a strict watch on timelines are a critical part of a successful sale,” said Nisith Naik, CEO of Centra Hub.

"The simple step of managing follow- up prospects boosts the conversion ratios, which in turn boosts the organization top-line and profitability. These follow-up triggers can be specific to role, region, product, team, prospect or any other parameter of the business, thereby ensuring that the policies of the organization are embedded into the CRM, allow it to take active role of sales management and administration," Mr. Naik added.

Centra’s CRM Express can automatically identify conditions, where a process can be approved or escalated for approvals on pre-defined data parameters. If the approval authorities do not react to the approval requests within a pre-defined timeline, the system can be triggered to automatically remind the approver, reroute the approval request to a different person, role or hierarchy, or have the system take the decision to auto-approve or auto-reject the approval request. 

"The sales journey is fraught with roadblocks across the path and it is always a challenge for the sales personnel to keep pushing through these roadblocks to come out on the other side with a successful sale. One such process is obtaining timely approvals across the sales journey. The CRM Express system provides adequate controls in ensuring that nothing “falls off the radar” and timely approvals are received for the sales process to propagate from desk to desk. Moreover, the audit trail controls ensure that that traceability of approvals will always be available for audit purposes," Mr. Naik explained.

The automation of follow up processes within the CRM Express will boost the conversion of prospects into clients. Its embedded document management engine further integrates with cloud-based document storage solutions such as Google Drive and OneDrive, to provide an internal document library which can be used to build a digital document archive.

Photo Caption: Nisith Naik, CEO of Centra Hub

About Centra Hub
Centra Hub delivers cutting-edge solutions to bring together people and processes through effective, yet easy-to-use CRM and HCM software systems. Knowing “CentraHub”: Centra- “The backbone to which all processes are attached” Hub- “the effective centre of an activity, region, or network”.

CentraHub was born with a passion to connect people with their core processes through smart, easy-to-use tools such as CRM, XCM and HCM systems.

For further details, please visit http://www.centrahub.com



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