launches new employee onboarding platform 'AfterHire'
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Posted: Tue October 16, 2018 12:20 pm

UAE., the leading online jobsite in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has just announced the launch of its all-new employee onboarding platform “AfterHire.”

This configurable platform is specifically built and designed using cutting edge technology with the intention of revolutionizing the painstaking process of talent onboarding, and ensuring that newly hired talent are efficiently assimilated to the company and fully productive in their new job roles.
AfterHire can be used by employers as a tool to reduce effort, time and cost spent on manual and decentralized employee onboarding efforts. An effective onboarding program is also proven to dramatically reduce employee churn and get higher employee productivity at a faster rate.

The onboarding process requires companies to go through a wide range of steps such as paperwork and legalities, team introductions, equipment provisioning, learning activities, goal setting and KPIs, and granting access to systems. How these activities are structured and carried can have a huge impact on talent productivity and retention.
Poor and ineffective onboarding programs can cause various setbacks that a large number of companies are susceptible to, such as increasing turnover rates and reducing employee productivity.

“AfterHire is a great example of how strives to find new innovative ways to align technology and software with practicality and efficiency for the talent management challenge. With AfterHire, employers wouldn’t need to stress over the long and complex process of onboarding and engaging with talent. They can just use this easy to use configurable platform, which includes various effective features that can pave the way to a more efficient and organized employee onboarding process.” Said Muhammad Younas, Business Product Director,

AfterHire encompasses a wide-range of features that employers can take advantage of; it allows employers to design their own onboarding process using a Workflow Editor, as well as keep their new hires engaged by assigning them onboarding tasks with the ability to give them clarifications on a task through the comments feed.

Most importantly, AfterHire helps automate paperwork through online forms, it quickly assigns tasks to appropriate personnel to streamline mundane activities like equipment provisioning and financial formalities. Moreover, employees can be assigned learning and training tasks to build up their job knowledge. With AfterHire, HR gets a high-level overview of each employee’s onboarding process.
Younas adds: “The fact that Nine in ten Middle East employers plan to hire in the next year, according to the latest Middle East Job Index, emphasis that companies are always in need of talent, and that there’s always going to be a company that is looking to hire. But, are all employers well equipped to deal with onboarding and retaining their new talent in an effective way? And are all new hires able to adapt to their new role without a well-structured onboarding program? Not always. That’s what makes AfterHire so needed! It can act as the backbone of talent retention goals.”

AfterHire is compatible with Talentera (Branded Career Channels) as well as external HRMS systems, allowing companies to integrate their various talent acquisition and management systems and streamline their activities. Learn more about AfterHire here.

Photo Caption: Younas, Business Product Director,



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