The Assembly announces participation at Gitex Future Stars
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Posted: Sun October 14, 2018 6:05 pm

UAE. The Assembly has announced its participation at Gitex Future Stars (14-17 October, Stand D 9, Zabeel Hall 5). As the only community-driven, skill building organisation, The Assembly will be using its presence at GITEX Future Stars to connect with key players in the technology sector, meet some of the start-ups and support some of its existing partners that help the organisation bring greater depth to its mission of learning exponential technologies.

The Assembly is a community technology lab and workspace based out of in5 Tech in Dubai Knowledge Park.  Through workshops and events, it aims to bring the innovator community together and promote a variety of skills through collaboration on projects using the latest technology.

The Assembly regularly partners with companies, organizations and large-scale events to advance their objectives with regards to cutting edge innovation.

The Assembly: Hack stream focuses on projects using embedded systems involving the Internet of Things, Robotics, 3D printing, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, UAVs whereas The Assembly: Code works with projects realised using the latest software APIs, frameworks and trends, ranging from mobile technology and full stack application development to data science, machine learning and AI.

This year, at Gitex, it will showcase some of the machines and products built in its lab or with its attendees during its free weekly workshops including: 

- Self driving car - miniature version trained to follow a track using machine learning on camera input
- Hummingbird - a vertical hanging plotter - This acts as a drawing machine for any type of digital line art - same as used for Twitter activation, video there
- Photobooth - takes pictures of people at the stand and applies various cool filters (like sketchifying etc) and emails to people.  Also attached to a thermal receipt printer which we have rigged to do quick black and white prints.
- Robotic arm with color sorting demo - the arm will have a camera fitted and automatically sort various colored blocks into separate piles by color
- 3D printed Humanoid robotic arm - controlled by motion sensors
- 3D POV display - a programmable holographic projection generated by rapidly rotating LED lights
- Eye tracking game - apparatus that tracks the fine movement of your pupil and controls a 2D game on the screen ie; movement on the game is controlled by moving your eye left or right
- Turtlebot ROS display - Turtlebot is a 2 wheeled robot - we've programmed two of them using the open source Robot operating system (ROS) for coordinated movement
- Facial recognition machine learning demo - Uses machine learning to recognize people out of a crowd as well as identify human features/voice patterns that are trained on individuals live.

PK Gulati heads The Assembly and as a Founder, Tech Evangelist, investor and entrepreneur, will be available for a quick chat to discuss The Assembly and its future plans for the community while the team can talk and walk you through the demos.

Photo Captions:
1. (above)  The Assembly workspace at in5 Tech in Dubai Knowledge Park
2. (inset)    PK Gulati, Founder of The Assembly (File photo)



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