How photography can boost your business
Source: Guest Post , Author: Bill Clark
Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 1:37 pm

INTERNATIONAL. When you’re building a brand-new business, chances are that developing your photography skills isn’t your main priority. Many businesses only focus on taking good pictures of their stock to sell, but neglect to realize the power of photography in other areas of their business, such as marketing and branding.

In this article we’ll discuss how photography can boost your business, and where to start.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words
When it comes to your business, a picture is worth a thousand words. Many new businesses will set up a website, Instagram page, perhaps a blog and Facebook page, and only ever post the key information they want to get out there. This can be a big mistake. A wall of text is not going to entice a potential customer towards viewing your products or looking further into your business.

A well-shot, well-lit and intriguing picture on the other hand, can do exactly that. Pictures have been shown to engage areas of our brain that words simply cannot. They are simple, easy to look at and yet deceptively complicated.

The layout of the objects or persons in the picture and the colors involved all make a big difference on the perception the viewer has on it, and all of this information is processed in a matter of seconds. Creating and choosing the right pictures to help advertise your business can really help to boost online engagement, which is one of the best ways to help your business grow. This is why well thought out photography should form a key part of both your online and brick & mortar presence.

The Power of Social Media
Take Instagram for example, a lot of new businesses don’t bother producing high-quality images for their Instagram posts and either use stock photos found online, or simply produce a plain wordy graphic with a bunch of text in the description.  Commonly you will find that this doesn’t get you very far and won’t result in a lot of engagement.

However, creating dynamic, colorful photos that are in-line with your branding can do a lot to engage users on the platform. Take the dough-notts official Instagram page for example: they incorporate a lot of gorgeous, colorful and high-quality images of their products, their customers enjoying their products, as well as other relevant imagery. If they were to only include plain pictures with a few words, the likelihood is they’d be nowhere near as popular as they are now.

How to Take Pictures
If you’re a small new business, chances are you don’t have a whole lot of money to invest in professional photography and social media marketing. Not to worry, the good news is, with the quality of mobile camera’s nowadays, you can take amazing pictures and upload them to your businesses social media from your phone. There are entire websites dedicated to just this in fact, teaching you how to use your phone to take pictures that could rival a DSLR, such as Moblivious (view website).

Whether you’re a small start-up or an already established business, you should definitely be looking into improving your photography game if you haven’t already. If you are one of those people who hasn’t really considered the power of your imagery before, then hopefully this article has given you a little insight.

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