Women's platform Hopscotch secures digital investment to go global
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Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 12:59 pm

UAE: On the second anniversary of its initial launch, Hopscotch has rebranded as tech platform Hopscotch.work after investment from Digital entrepreneur, Tim Baker, Co-Founder of agency hug digital

With a brand new look and capabilities, the investment has led to a complete rebuild and rebrand, moving Hopscotch’s offerings digitally, with Phase 1 now live.  The repositioning of Hopscotch as a tech platform means that its talent pool of over 50k women can be brought closer together creating their own profiles whilst increasingly giving them the tools to work, learn and connect directly with businesses and each other, cutting out the traditional ‘middle man’ in recruitment.

Co-Founder and MD of Hopscotch, Helen McGuire, expanded on the ambition of the company as it moves into this new space, commenting; “At launch in 2016, Hopscotch was innovative as the region’s first empowerment platform to source work and opportunities for professional women. We have since worked with brands big and small as well as playing a part in the UN Women’s Empowerment Taskforce in the UAE, and this is just the start of our plans for Hopscotch’s expansion and digitisation.”

With the new research from Hopscotch and Diversitas (a global consultancy specializing in Diversity & Inclusion) revealing that a third of women have never felt supported in their workplace and over half believing flexible hours would improve their productivity, the new platform is more relevant than ever.

Though the move is in line with the Saudi Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the country, the ultimate aim of the platform is to become global, extending its reach by progressively digitizing its events, skills sessions and client offerings through intelligent video and profile building software. The platform will start this expansion with its launch in Asia in Q3 of this year, initially through its Singapore office.

Investor Tim Baker comments; “Having been involved in launching and growing a digital agency for the last 8 years, I've personally always wanted to get deeper into creating a disruptive digital product. I've loved watching Helen and Justin tackle a serious but obvious need, in supporting women in their job hunt, training and personal development. It seemed like a natural fit to support their ambition and help deliver this with a strong digital, global offering in order to reach and connect more women.” 
“With SME’s making up 94% of businesses in the UAE, giving women the means to build their own career identity and network online, whilst in phases allowing businesses to connect directly through the new platform, is vital,” continues Helen. “As it grows, Hopscotch.work will ensure our mission to achieve gender balance will become a global reality.”
For more information on Hopscotch, their events and initiatives, please visit www.hopscotch.work and contact info@hopscotch.work
Diversitas and Hopscotch research carried out amongst 348 working and nonworking female respondents in the UAE between 4th and 19th March 2018.

Key Survey Findings
·         95% of women would like the option of working flexibly in their next role
·         Over four fifths of women need flexible working hours in order to care for family members
·         Almost half of respondents would like internal training/support programmes available at their workplace
·         52% of women believe flexible arrangements will improve productivity
·         A third have ‘never felt supported’ as women by their employers
·         Six out of ten women believe flexible arrangements will improve overall work life balance
·         73% of those currently employed if offered an equivalent role with flexible working hours would be willing to move organisations

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1. (above)  Helen McGuire, Co-Founder and MD of Hopscotch
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ABOUT HOPSCOTCH: Hopscotch is the first support platform in the MENA region to launch an offering purely for female professionals looking for flexible working. Launched in 2016, the company is spearheaded by husband and wife team Helen and Justin McGuire. A division of the MCG Group, the company was launched in April 2016 sourcing flexible working options, catering to professional women and forward thinking business. It also supports and encourages women back into the workplace by offering exclusive skills training, events and initiatives to registered talent.

ABOUT DIVERSITAS: Diversitas is a global consultancy built on deep expertise in Diversity and Inclusion.  Working with local, multinational and public sector clients in the Southern and Northern hemisphere, the company benchmarks clients’ current Diversity policies and practices, helping them to develop the right leadership behaviours.  With a tagline of  ‘make difference count’ their expertise transforms Diversity from a challenge to a competitive advantage. Launched in 2014 in Australia and now with operations in New Zealand and the UAE, Diversitas is headed by MD, Tracy May.



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