Starbucks' Community Connections engages in range of local UAE community initiatives
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Posted: Sun January 15, 2012 3:33 pm

UAE. Starbucks’ ‘Community Connections’ program continues to showcase its ongoing commitment to the local community as it reaches out to youth and engages in environmental issues across the UAE.

As part of its ongoing wide range of initiatives through the Community Connections program, Starbucks has recently participated in several events aimed at providing support for the wellbeing of the local community.

The most recent of those was the Starbucks partnership with NMC Hospital to celebrate UAE National Day. Starbucks staff joined hands with 1,000 families to decorate the halls and the event area. Gifts were exchanged at the end of the celebration among patients, hospital staff, and their families which helped raise overall morale and put a smile on everybody’s faces.

Throughout the year Starbucks has continuously encouraged the community to embrace a healthy lifestyle in UAE, including taking part in three community walkathons to support Breast Cancer and Diabetes.

The local outreach in the UAE saw Starbucks in the UAE join millions around the world by addressing the need for a rigorous education on these subjects.

The Community Connections program also encompasses addressing environmental issues, and recently witnessed a partnership with Emirates Diving Association, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, Emirates Environmental Group and Oasis Centre by the Landmark Group to tackle various pertinent community matters.

Starbucks Abu Dhabi joined ‘Clean-Up Arabia’ for the second year running where they aided community members in removing and recycling litter spanning over 1.8 km of land. The cause gave a breath of new life to the area, stretching from Abu Dhabi’s cornice to Mina Zayed, restoring the area to its former glory.  A similar project called ‘Clean-Up UAE’ involved Starbucks partners joining thousands of volunteers to clean up a desert stretch.

Rana Shaheen, Regional Communications and CSR Manager at Starbucks MENA said: “Throughout 2011 Starbucks has shown an active commitment to the local community of the UAE, making a real difference to the lives of many that surround us.  The Community Connections program goes beyond words to tackle real issues and is dedicated to building a conscious community that brings awareness to all generations to think of tomorrow. Although proud of our achievements and partnerships nurtured with like-minded organizations in 2011 we remain forward looking and eager to make further positive contribution to the community in the UAE 2012.”

In addition, Starbucks collaborated with ‘The Build’ recycling initiative at the American University of Sharjah. Partners teamed up with architecture students from the University to establish a lasting partnership and exchange ideas on sustainable recycling strategies.

This collaboration allowed students to showcase and implement their plans of building useful items out of Starbucks recycle-friendly products. To further promote engagement of Starbucks Community Connections program and reward the students’ creativity, Starbucks went on to award the top three designs in this project.

Going forward, the Starbucks Community Connections program continues to focus on a range of activities from environment, health, to youth led initiatives. Globally, Starbucks is committed to its goal of achieving one million hours of community service by the year 2015.

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