Siemens-Masdar renewable energy and sustainability partnership gains momentum
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Posted: Wed January 11, 2012 10:45 am

UAE. Over the course of 2011, the Siemens-Masdar partnership established a strong foundation and generated long-term momentum, further cementing the strategic partnership between the two companies.

“The Masdar–Siemens partnership represents an important collaboration between two innovative market leaders in the renewable energy and sustainability field. Our work with Siemens has enabled us to work with a recognized industry leader on the development of several important technology applications within the renewable energy and sustainable urban planning space,” stated Masdar City Director, Alan Frost. 

 “Such partnerships ensure that Masdar will continue to be a showcase for cutting-edge global clean technology.”

The Masdar-Siemens partnership has attracted praise from the highest level. On a recent visit to Masdar, German President Christian Wulff commended the vision of the UAE leadership to combine sustainable growth with climate protection and encouraged German companies to find ways to collaborate and partner with Masdar.

Using Siemens as an example, President Wulff said, “German companies and academic institutions should look for ways to collaborate with Masdar. The long-term strategic partnership with Siemens is an example of how cooperation between our nations can be successful. Similarly, academic institutions should find ways to partner with the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology on innovative research and development projects.”

Siemens already initiated research collaboration with Masdar Institute earlier in the year in the areas of smart buildings, smart grids and carbon capture. The research has since been expanded to include solar power. “Masdar Institute’s research collaboration with Siemens now has a very strong foundation,” said Dr. Steve Griffiths, Executive Director of Institute Initiatives, Masdar Institute.

“We look forward to deepening the collaboration in current research areas and expanding to new areas as opportunities arise. Expansion of the collaboration to include solar energy is one such opportunity that has been captured and will allow us to keep us ahead of today’s fast-moving technology lifecycle.”

Masdar’s focus on sustainability and cutting edge clean technology is a good fit for Siemens.  Explained Joachim Kundt, CEO for Siemens Lower Gulf Region, “There is no other project or installation which allows sustainable energy technology to flourish and thrive in this region and environment. The concept and sustainability objectives of Masdar are very much aligned with our own and one of the main reasons behind our decision to make Masdar City the future headquarters for Siemens’ entire Middle East region.” 

The partnership, first announced in October 2010, has been one of the most consistent partnerships for Masdar, and successfully recorded several key milestones throughout the past year, notably:

• Siemens is implementing building technologies for Masdar Institute Phase1B.
• Masdar and Siemens broke ground and began construction of its Headquarters building for the entire Middle East region. This showcase building is designed according the highest energy efficiency standards.
• Siemens launched its “Smart Buildings Centre of Excellence” where Masdar, Masdar Institute and Siemens will collaborate on improving building technologies and develop innovative applications to further enhance efficiency.  They will also jointly develop and commercialize new applications and solutions at Masdar City.
• Siemens and Masdar Institute began research in the areas of smart buildings, smart grids, carbon capture and solar energy. Siemens’ R&D commitment to Masdar Institute represents the largest academic research collaboration commitment that Siemens has ever undertaken.
• An extensive engineering study for a CO2 capture project has been undertaken, with results to be finalized soon.
• Masdar and Siemens started the implementation of the advanced power network in Masdar City, in collaboration with the local utility. This network is designed to integrate significant decentralized solar power (e.g. on the roofs). 

“We are pleased that we have not lost our momentum on our projects in Masdar City and with the Masdar Institute,” stated Tom Ruyten, Siemens key account manager for Masdar. “Given the long-term stated goals throughout the region to better diversify our energy supply, our partnership at Masdar has no other path than continued long-term success.”

About Masdar
Masdar is Abu Dhabi’s multi-faceted initiative advancing the development, commercialisation and deployment of renewable energy technologies and solutions. The company serves as a link between today’s fossil fuel economy and the energy economy of the future - developing the “greenprint” for how we will live and work tomorrow. Backed by the stability and reputation of the Mubadala Development Company, the strategic investment company of the government of Abu Dhabi, Masdar is dedicated to the emirate’s long-term vision for the future of energy.
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Siemens in the Lower Gulf
Siemens LLC, founded in October 1999, oversees Siemens’ activities in a region comprising the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Yemen.  Its Industry, Energy, Healthcare and Infrastructure & Cities Sectors hold leading positions, while Siemens IT Solutions and Services operate across all four Sectors.

In fiscal 2011 (October 1, 2010 – September 30, 2011), sales to customers in the Lower Gulf region amounted to almost EUR 1.78 billion, and new orders totaled more than EUR 2.26 billion. Siemens currently has more than 2300, employees representing over 60 different nationalities working in the region. 

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