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Posted: 09-08-2011
INTERNATIONAL. Concerned about possible Israeli encroachment upon recently discovered offshore natural gas fields, Lebanon's Parliament has passed draft legislation demarcating its maritime borders with Israel. The 18-article law was drafted in the Parliament’s Public Works, Transport, Energy and Water Committee, headed by MP Mohammad Qabbani, The Daily Star reported. At issue are two massive offshore natural gas fields, Tamar and Leviathan, off Israel's northern city of Haifa, where initial prospecting estimates have concluded that the pair of sites between them could hold as much
Posted: February 4, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. "Al-Qaeda announces it is not linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, as it was not informed of its creation... (and) did not accept it," a statement said.
Posted: February 2, 2014
LEBANON. Bank reports 6% drop in net income to US$157.1 million, records growth in other key financial areas.
Posted: January 31, 2014
LEBANON. Faced with recent setbacks in Iraq and Syria, al Qaeda is slowly but firmly gaining influence in Lebanon, helped by the country's increasing sectarian violence and the turmoil caused by Syria's civil war
Posted: January 16, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. The four suspects - members of the militant Hezbollah movement - are accused of planning the 2005 blast on the waterfront in the capital Beirut.
Posted: January 16, 2014
LEBANON. The blast in downtown Hermel, a stronghold of Lebanon's Hezbollah, was the first to hit the Lebanese town since the conflict in Syria erupted.
Posted: January 16, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. More than 3 million people have fled Syria and are taking refuge in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt, causing great hardship and raising tensions in the region.
Posted: January 14, 2014
UAE. Lebanese soprano and international legend to close inaugural classical music festival at Dubai World Trade Centre on February 8, 2014.
Posted: January 4, 2014
LEBANON. Politically paralysed by deep divisions exacerbated by the war in neighbouring Syria, Lebanon is likely to see a continuing cycle of political violence, analysts say.
Posted: January 2, 2014
LEBANON. Lebanese troops have arrested the leader of the Al-Qaeda-linked group that claimed a double suicide bombing at the Iranian embassy in Beirut in November.
Posted: December 29, 2013
LEBANON. The kingdom decided to provide generous assistance to the Lebanese army to strengthen its capabilities, Lebanese President Michel Sleiman announced.
Posted: December 27, 2013
LEBANON. Former Lebanese minister Mohammed Shattah was killed in an explosion that targeted his convoy in Beirut on Friday, security sources said.
Posted: December 18, 2013
LEBANON. S&P affirmed its credit rating on Lebanon-based Bank Audi -Audi Saradar Group, Blom Bank, and BankMed; The outlooks on the three banks remain negative.
Posted: December 9, 2013
INTERNATIONAL. "Gaining new footholds in the Middle Eastern markets is an important step and will enable us to further expand our footprint in this key growth region."
Posted: December 4, 2013
LEBANON. Hassan al-Laqqis, a Hezbollah commander who fought in Syria's civil war, was shot dead from close range by a silenced gun outside his home in Lebanon on Wednesday.
Posted: December 4, 2013
LEBANON. "Continued domestic political volatility, repeated security breaches, a wave of kidnappings, direct and indirect spillovers from the Syrian conflict, institutional paralysis, and a persistently uncertain outlook were the main factors that affected the confidence of Lebanese consumers."


date:Posted: April 23, 2014
UAE. Managing an internationally mobile workforce can be challenging, particularly as home country and host country laws can be vastly different; Legal compliance with local laws may mean that it is not possible to impose global policies on the workforce.
date:Posted: April 22, 2014
UAE. "Adapt to Survive", a global study by PwC, commissioned by LinkedIn, reveals the economic impact of not having the right people in the right jobs.
date:Posted: April 22, 2014
KUWAIT. For much of the past decade, international companies operating in the major projects sector have found Kuwait a challenging market in which to do business. However, there are good reasons to believe this year will be different.
UAE. Abu Dhabi's state oil producer is almost finished reviewing technical aspects of international companies' bids to develop the biggest onshore crude deposits in the emirate.
INTERNATIONAL. It's now up to the new government to get real shale development in motion, and for Turkey to face up to its own strategic realities and join forces with Ukraine to harness LNG potential.