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Posted: 09-08-2011
EGYPT. Egypt should be careful what it wishes for. According to YouGov‟s latest survey of Egyptian public opinion, a majority of 67% want Hosni Mubarak, their deposed president, to face a death sentence if convicted of the charges against him. This compares with only 22% who oppose the sentence. Among the age groups of 18-24 and 25-29, support for execution rises to 77% and 70% respectively. It may be popular, but this event could actually do more harm than good to the progress of reform in Egypt. The YouGov figures are hardly surprising, given that justice for Mubarak was a key demand o
Posted: July 30, 2014
EGYPT. "We are pleased to help improve the delivery of energy services to the people of Egypt," said Hartwig Schafer, World Bank Country Director.
Posted: July 29, 2014
EGYPT. EMC EMEA's leadership team shares key innovations and milestones of Egypt's Centre of Excellence; Reiterate commitment to customers and partners to help redefine the future of IT in Egypt, as "Third Platform" applications rise to prominence.
Posted: July 16, 2014
UAE. MENA Private Equity Association launche its eighth "MENA Private Equity & Venture Capital" Annual Report; Consolidation in the private equity industry limits growth in fund raising; 2014 outlook is positive.
Posted: July 14, 2014
EGYPT. Kenya-Uganda railway operator continues to attract new clients on the back of sustained investment in critical infrastructure in technology and cargo carrying capacity.
Posted: July 14, 2014
UAE. The industry will see a slowdown in the summer months, however EY report remains positive and predicts strong growth through the rest of 2014.
Posted: July 12, 2014
QATAR. Global spending on energy subsidies totaled US$492 billion in 2011. Middle East and North Africa countries alone accounted for nearly half of that amount, making the burden of subsidies on public resources quite substantial.
Posted: July 5, 2014
UAE. Overall market reached 1.9 million sales in 2013 with Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt accounting for 58% of the market; Sales now equal about 11% of Europe's volume, and growing faster than many other markets; The Challenge is how to grow profitably.
Posted: July 1, 2014
UAE. 55% claim that important decisions and vital meetings are not postponed till the Holy Month is over, according to the latest "Ramadan in the MENA Workplace" poll.
Posted: June 27, 2014
UAE. The continued growth of social media penetration in the Arab world is increasing the potential for governments to engage citizen on enhancing public services.
Posted: June 24, 2014
EGYPT. "There will always be people, governments, and institutions wanting to limit the speaking of one's mind and telling the way we see. Journalism is not a crime."
Posted: June 23, 2014
UAE. Company eaffirms commitment to Egypt and directs more investments into market; Aramex invested EGP183 million during the past two years.
Posted: June 23, 2014
EGYPT. Three Al Jazeera journalists were jailed for seven years in Egypt after a court convicted them of helping a "terrorist organisation" by spreading lies.
Posted: June 21, 2014
EGYPT. The court's decision came two months after it referred the case against the Brotherhood's general guide Mohamed Badie and hundreds of others to the state's highest religious authority.
Posted: June 20, 2014
EGYPT. Abraaj to acquire stake in Egypt's largest K-12 private schools group with a focus on the provision of affordable high quality education; Growth capital investment will help CIRA's expansion in the tertiary education sector in Egypt.
Posted: June 19, 2014
EGYPT. Abraaj to acquire Cairo Medical Center, a leading 177 bed hospital in East Cairo; Plan to upgrade facilities and invest in medical technology and staff training to meet increasing demand for quality healthcare.


date:Posted: July 31, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. India remains one of the world's largest economies, and under bold new leadership is working furiously to evolve into an even stronger international destination. The country has been attracting major international real estate brands and billions in funding, but some still fear the worst.
date:Posted: July 30, 2014
SAUDI ARABIA. IMF Executive Board Concludes 2014 Article IV Consultation; Saudi Arabia has supported the global economy through its stabilizing role in the global oil market.
date:Posted: July 30, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. One aspect of this war is that both sides apparently found it necessary, despite knowing it would have no definitive military outcome. The question therefore is not what the point of all this is but where all this ends.
INTERNATIONAL. The future will be decided in a race between global advances in demand for resources, complex technology and biotech innovation, and growing sovereign debt.