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Posted: 19-07-2011
INTERNATIONAL. Something extraordinary, albeit not unexpected, is happening in the Persian Gulf region. The United States, lacking a coherent strategy to deal with Iran and too distracted to develop one, is struggling to navigate Iraq’s fractious political landscape in search of a deal that would allow Washington to keep a meaningful military presence in the country beyond the end-of-2011 deadline stipulated by the current Status of Forces Agreement. At the same time, Saudi Arabia, dubious of U.S. capabilities and intentions toward Iran, appears to be inching reluctantly toward an accommod
Posted: April 11, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. A wave of jitters dispersed across the global markets following the static China CPI of 2.3% which rekindled concerns over a slowdown in economic momentum in the world's second-largest economy.
Posted: April 10, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. Oil markets desperately seeking focus; Commodities unmoved by wild forex swings; Energy sector the top gainer of the week; Negative interest rates are good news for gold.
Posted: April 9, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. A key deciding factor for further increases to come may be Dollar weakness, which could trigger another sharp move towards US$1250 and potentially higher.
Posted: April 6, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. Confidence towards the global economy was already low and with the IMF's fears adding to the mixture of falling oil prices, Brexit fears, China concerns and emerging market weakness, investors may be encouraged to scatter from riskier assets.
Posted: April 6, 2016
UAE. The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) will introduce British investors and businesspersons to prominent opportunities in Sharjah, with an emphasis on the many projects it runs.
Posted: April 4, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. While Palmyra may hold great significance to the world, the final decision should belong to those who cared for it, managed it, fought for it, and protected it for generations: the Syrian people.
Posted: April 1, 2016
QATAR. Qatar's hydrocarbon dependence is a key rating weakness, with oil and gas extraction averaging more than 50% of GDP over the past five years and hydrocarbon-backed government spending accounting for a further 30% of GDP.
Posted: March 31, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. While steel demand has remained muted following the crisis of 2008, trading conditions in the UK and EU have rapidly deteriorated more recently, due to structural factors.
Posted: March 31, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. Yellen's cautious tone towards future rate increases overshadowed the hawkish views of other Fed officials, while providing the clarity which investors had long sought.
Posted: March 31, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. The relentless fight against ISIS-inspired terrorists must simultaneously address the root causes that motivate mostly young EU national Muslims to commit such atrocities.
Posted: March 30, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. Dollar bulls punished; Yellen's speech now puts the market in a precarious position as rate hikes are looking more and more distant than ever before.
Posted: March 30, 2016
UAE. What immediate effect all this will have on the shipping industry remains to be seen. There may, in the medium term, be a reduction in VLCC rates; But not all restrictions have been removed.
Posted: March 29, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. Optimism among financial services firms has fallen at the fastest rate since 2011, according to CBI/PwC Financial Services Survey.
Posted: March 28, 2016
QATAR. The appointment of a number of young technocrats to the politburo suggest that Vietnam is likely to press ahead with reforms, says QNB report.
Posted: March 28, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. Syria became nothing but a pawn in the hands of the merchants of death, the states and various extremist groups who mercilessly used Syrians' lives to further their narrow political schemes.


date:Posted: April 29, 2016
SAUDI ARABIA. SAGIA announced in early 2016 their plan to focus on priority sectors identified as having a direct impact on economic and human development, including healthcare.
date:Posted: April 29, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. The investment community is significantly more likely than CEOs to consider misaligned performance incentives as a barrier to change: almost half (49%) of investors surveyed in the report flagged this as a major concern compared to only 17% of chief executives.
date:Posted: April 28, 2016
UAE. 51% of all Dubai hotels in mid-market segment versus 89% in New York; PwC research released at ATM 2016 touts construction figure of US$80k per room as incentive for developers looking for solid returns in high demand segment.
INTERNATIONAL. "It's going to come to a point where there is just going to be no real economical benefit to any kind of production staying at any kind of level in those countries. And once they come off, that's going to obviously support oil prices."