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Posted: 28-07-2011
INTERNATIONAL. Rising health care costs, coupled with the current state of the economy, have prompted many consumers across the globe to delay care, alter household spending and worry about their ability to pay for future health care costs according to the 4th annual Deloitte Center for Health Solutions “2011 Survey of Health Care Consumers.” “We have been examining consumers’ interactions with the health care system since 2008. A new trend has emerged this year suggesting that economic uncertainty has clearly altered spending habits with many consumers reporting an impact
Posted: September 21, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. A team of researchers led by the University of Birmingham warns that without significant improvements in technology, global crop yields are likely to fall in the areas currently used for production of the world's three major cereal crops.
Posted: September 20, 2016
LEBANON. The EuroMena Fund Management Team has raised US$ c.350 million to date from prominent investors, and has closed more than 20 investments and divestments.
Posted: September 20, 2016
UAE. Sustainability experts at the University of Birmingham conducted a detailed study comparing energy supply and use in Masdar City and Birmingham.
Posted: September 20, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. Second Annual Influential Leaders Challenge recognizes 30 change makers and business pioneers driving positive change in the communities they serve.
Posted: September 19, 2016
UAE. Italian management consulting expert takes key role in helping governments, private institutions win new strategic, market challenges.
Posted: September 16, 2016
UAE. There is a high demand for skilled, well-trained professionals, particularly those with master's degrees; A rapidly growing field is healthcare.
Posted: September 15, 2016
LEBANON. MENA is fast-growing region for EdTech SaaS solution.
Posted: September 14, 2016
LEBANON. Held in partnership with Al-Makassed University in Beirut, V School's first 40-student "Coding Bootcamp" was completely sold out, with half of the students refugees from Syria.
Posted: September 8, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. London beats all other cities in terms of its economic clout, intellectual capital and innovation; Brexit will bring challenges and opportunities but London remains agile and resilient.
Posted: September 8, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. New research from the SWIFT Institute assesses whether the global financial community is accepting Bitcoin as a valid currency.
Posted: September 7, 2016
UAE. Part of major expansion in healthcare services; 31 new in-patient rooms brings total to 150.
Posted: September 7, 2016
UAE. Event delivers six courses including hacker techniques, virtualization and private cloud security and web app and network penetration testing.
Posted: September 7, 2016
UAE. Diversification aided by digital technologies has become an imperative for companies in the Gulf region increasingly challenged by dropping oil prices and global economic uncertainty.
Posted: September 6, 2016
UAE. Change is the new normal for the global health care sector; Rapid health care market growth anticipated in the Middle East ; Gulf countries drive health tourism to diversify their economies.
Posted: September 6, 2016
UAE. The company was chosen for its Managed Services implementation for a leading healthcare provider.


date:Posted: September 30, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. Survey of 4,000 reveals extent of UK mobile owners' obsession with their devices; For the first time, the majority of mobile phone connections are over 4G.
date:Posted: September 30, 2016
INTERNATIONAL. 72% of UK CEOs voted to remain but also agree that loss of trust in big business was a factor in the EU referendum result, reveals KPMG.
date:Posted: September 29, 2016
UAE. Deloitte introduces first-of-its-kind Apple practice to help businesses change the way they work across their entire enterprise by designing and implementing iPhone and iPad solutions.
INTERNATIONAL. Jost Thöne, Stradivari expert and co-owner of VIOLIN ASSETS, offers input on this subject. The company makes high-quality historical and modern string instruments accessible as investments.
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